Project Management

Project Management is the translation of the client’s web design or development brief into tasks and directions that can be better understood by the internal teams of designers, business analysts and developers (programmers) – from which they can then design and build the website.

Project ManagementProject Management is undertaken by our account managers who have direct contact with clients and those responsible for website design and project delivery. Our ihe internal teams get an intimate understanding of the client’s business through the project manager, enabling them to provide more effective strategic insights and recommendations for the business’ online marketing activities.

Before commencing any project, we undertake a brief covering all aspects required to initiate each project. This could include identifying goals/objectives, competitors, marketing and branding initiatives, mandatory and functional requirements, to ensure that we have all bases coved before we start.

Project Management is critical to a project’s success because the Project Manager oversees all aspects of the projects and acts as a coordinator. This involves managing the clients brief and expectations based on budget and timeframe, understanding and being able to plan and coordinate third-party technical integrations from a technical standpoint either via web services (APIs) or other bespoke technical work.

The job of Project Management is to always be across all aspects of the project from a holistic, value-driven, client perspective. The design tem leader or lead developer has a purely technical or creative perspective so it is a great advantage to have an extra manager who has responsibility for the entire project.
Also it is easy for the Project Manager to facilitate discussion between all parties involved in the project to ensure the best outcome for the client.