Facebook Apps for Business

Facebook Apps are for using Facebook Pages to their fullest potential for business-promotion. Any announcement made by a business via its facebook apps will be posted on the walls of its Facebook followers automatically. Facebook Apps provide the oportunity to you customize your Facebook Page and integrate all of your other marketing efforts on Facebook.

Facebook AppsThe Facebook Apps that will be most useful for you will depend on your particular business but there are some general guidlines to follow.

1. Contest/Promotion Apps are very popular on Facebook and are for hosting contests and giving things away. Contests are a great way to significantly increase engagement with followers of the business and can drive traffic to your website. However, they have to be done properly to succeed and there are some simple rules to follow:

• Following Facebook’s terms of service
• Keep the contest entrance requirements simple
• Offer a prize that is relevant to your business

2. Newsletter Apps are facebook apps that give users the oportunity to sign up for your newsletter. You can ask people to like your page in order to reveal the sign-up form and provide a really useful additional way to communicate with your followers. Status updates can be used to tease newsletter content and then fans can be directed to the app where they can sign up to receive your newsletter.

3. RSS Feed apps are a must for bloggers because this facebook app will bring your blog right to your fans. Status updates with a “link here to see what’s new” that links to the RSS feed app. are a great idea to increase communication and involvement and you can keep the RSS app pinned to the top of your page so that it is always visible and it will show off your latest content. If you run ads you can have them direct people to the RSS feed app where your latest post is featured.

4. Current Events apps can be used to alert your followers to events. They are an awesome way to communicate with your followers because you can promote not only what’s happening now but also your future events.

5. Reservation/Appointment apps provide the oportunity for your clients/customers to request or make appointments or reservations via Facebook. Ask for name, telephone number and times that a customer wants to come and then call your customer to book him/her to confirm. It is also possible to include more sophisticated reservation systems that will actually make the reservations without any effort by you.

6. Request for More Information apps are a great way for your prospective or existing customers to request information about your business, request quotations, estimates etc. The great thing about this is that you or your staff can respond with efficiency when it suits you rather than spending hours on the phone at times when it would be better to be doing other things.

7. Contact Us/Customer Support apps provide a really easy way for your customers/fans to get in touch with you and, the easier you can make communication the the better it will be! Using a “contact us” app allows your fans/customers to send an email to specific staff or departments within your company, e.g. communications could be sent directly to the relevant staff member for sales, customer support, press inquiries, etc. to streamline the process. Contact Us/Customer Support apps can also be used to when someone comments on a post or or asks for more information, thus keeping the communication within your Facebook area.

8. Testimonials apps provide an oportunity for customers to give feedback about your service or products and the feed back can be invaluable! It’s a great way to learn whats working and what’s not and what customers would like done differently. Gain trust with prospective customers when they see how you handle issues with current customers for an oportunity to grow your business.

9. Voting/Survey apps work well because people love to give their opinions and you will get the oportunity to learn many things about your customers like the service or products your customers wish that you would provide and the things that they are not interested in. Using a voting or survey app can ultimately reduce the risk of investing in new products or services only to have them bomb. For example, in your motorcycle business you discover that your customers are all going trail riding, from a survey, so you can then determine what stock you will order and save yourself the business breaking expense of have a shop full of road bikes that no one wants.

In closing, it is possible to install a total of 11 facebook apps at a time, but only four will be visible, including Photos (which you cannot remove). The remaining facebook apps will become visible when you click on the down arrow in your header bar. Many users don’t know to click this arrow in order to see the other apps so make sure you arrange your apps based on their importance. They can be arrange by clicking on the arrow and when the apps drop down you’ll see “Swap position with” which allows you to move the apps around.